Which ASIC miner does make money on SOLAR?

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Which ASIC miner does make money on SOLAR?

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As I have solar installed my power bill is nearly 0 - and during the day I do have around 10hours with more than 1.5KW I can use for mining .
With the chinese now selling all their miners I can buy them online - but I get different results with whattomine.com and nicehash.com

My previous electricity was at 0.25$ per KWh - but when I use this value in both websites I get somewhat 30$per day on whattomine and -5$ on nicehash for the same miner. So how reliable are these 2 websites? LOL

My plan is to buy a miner that rund at around 1KW only and cost not over 1000$.
My solar outputs 5.5KW max and I have 20KW battery - so I can use solar plus charge the batteries and run my appliances easily during 6 hours per day. And for another 6 hours I can use batteries - with that I calculate my power is at 0.12$per KW.

Which miners from the list would earn me money?
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