Any "MacMiner for Dummies" manual out there?

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Any "MacMiner for Dummies" manual out there?

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I still think im not that stupid, unfortunately I still cant figure out if I configured MacMiner right, so pls help me.

M1 Mac, downloaded MacMiner.
I understand I need a mining pool, and as ethermine is named I went to there website and created an account, then I entered as the server.

As I want the ETH I mine transferred to my Nano Ledger wallet I entered my ETH Ledger wallet adress in MacMiner and clicked on Start Mining.
After MacMiner started mining it asked me to connect a wallet and as I had the ledger app running i choose that - and something somehow connected - but I can only verify that the adress in MacMiner matches my Ledger adress. So I hope it works but how to proof?

After 5 minutes I now see "Status Mining, Solutions 1(1)" - I set the Power to maximum, but I dont see anything else - no hashrate no nothing... How do I know its really mining?

So I went to again to check my account, but also - WHERE is my account there?
I not even find the LOGIN/Register on that website again so I can check my account.

How long will it usually take till I magically see some ETH appearing in my Ledger Nano wallet?

Why is there no understandable Step by Step manual for this?
Honestly, the MacMiner manual is a joke
I got mine running only because I have previous knowledge about mining and I followed the "just do what seems to be right" approach.
But still I miss the final "OK everything works".
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