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Truth about SHIB INU reaching $0.01...

Posted: Thu Oct 28, 2021 6:36 pm
by macminergod
This is just a rant for those who invest...

For those expecting to see SHIB at $.01 or even at $.005 (1/2¢)... There are 589 trillion SHIB. At $.01 each that is 5 times larger that Bitcoin's market cap, even at a 1/2¢ that'd be 2.5 times larger than Bitcoin. Don't hold it into the ground, because that's not happening.
People have to stop looking at the price per coin, and start looking at the market cap.

SHIB at $.01 is equivalent to Bitcoin at $300,000. Even if Bitcoin reaches $300,000, I wouldn't expect another coin (other than ETH possibly) to have anywhere near Bitcoin's market cap.

I've been in crypto since 2013, retired in 2017 because of cryptocurrencies, and I still trade them today. I've seen hundreds of coins come and go along the way. I've taken some 99.9% losses holding coins (with good potential) that ended up crapping the bed. Not trying to be a Donnie Downer, just suggesting to be careful.