MacBook Air M1 2020: MoneroCart Results

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MacBook Air M1 2020: MoneroCart Results

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Using MoneroCart for ARM Apple Mac's to mine Monero (XMR) using CPU. Our hashrate hovered just under 2000 H/s. The M1 MacBook Air became warm after about 30 minutes of mining. See our guide to install MoneroCart here.

M1 Macbook Air Monerocart Earnings Results

Software: MoneroCart 1.2.1 (14)

Average Hashrate: 2000 H/s

Average Earnings: XMR $0.13 per day Crypto prices fluctuate daily

Average Power: 22W Kill A Watt Power Meter

MacBook Air (M1, 2020)
Chip: Apple M1 (8-Core CPU)
Memory: 16 GB
GPU: Apple M1 (8-Core GPU Model)
OS: Big Sur 11.4
Board: Open Register here.
For Miners Rigs, macOS Hardware GPUs --> here.

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