Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

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Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by macminergod »

An ongoing list of Apple macOS Crypto Miners below. Please add any others missing:

CPU Miner
For Miners Rigs, macOS Hardware GPUs --> here.
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Re: Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by SteveW928 »

Cudo Miner works pretty well, at least in terms of simplicity. I like that it tries the various versions of the selected miner software (ie. TeamRedMiner, Phoenix, etc.) too find the one that gets the best output (highest hash-rate, lowest power consumption). Currently, the best on my setup (2018 mini with Blackmagic eGPU, running under Windows via Bootcamp, doing GPU mining) has been TeamRedMiner v0.8.0, using Cudo Miner.

I'm about to start experimenting with direct Ethereum mining (the only coin I see it pays to try right now anyway) via pool, and I'm going to try nanopool and see what happens. I'm not sure what their miner uses, but has some nice features. If not, I'll probably run TeamRedMiner v0.8.0 using the nanopool pool. That at least gives me a base-point to run as my default while I experiment.

Using both, I can get paid in either ETH (nanopool, direct to my wallet) or BTC (as Cudo Miner pays out Bitcoin by default). The main issue (with Cudo Miner) is getting to their minimum payout, which would take a couple of months of 24x7 mining in my case. But, I understand why most of these places do that, as the transaction costs can be high, and they don't want people just jumping around from platform to platform every time the payout or pools fluctuate.
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Re: Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by benjonas222 »

There are not just one miner that is good for Mac. Even there are several I am giving below their names.
Cudo Miner.
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Re: Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by rezaalihussain »

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Re: Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by catcoin11 »

List of the best crypto mining app for Mac-
7.Cudo Miner
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Re: Best Crypto Miner for Mac?

Post by Crytorst »

For easy mining on Mac, just try these three:

1) MacMiner works fine in M1 and Intel

2) thinminerpro works pretty well in M1, but not (in my case) in Intel.

3) If you want to mine BTC with Mac I really recommed you CryptoTab Brower.

You can download from here:

Good luck!
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