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Trying out Computta Smart Miner on a MacBook Pro 16"

Collection of our crypto mining videos from our YouTube channel.
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Trying out Computta Smart Miner on a MacBook Pro 16"

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Video showing Computta Smart Miner benchmark results on a MacBook Pro 16" (MacBook Pro16,4) 2.4GHz 8-Core 5600M. The begining of the video shows actual mining activity and benchmark is run later. According to the miner, I could make $110.36 monthly mining with CPU. For whatever reason, the miner DID NOT detect our AMD 5600M GPU. We had some trouble with this miner as it frequently crashed Windows as well, even just running a benchmark. Not sure if this had to do with our screen recording. Visit for the latest crypto mining software and install guides for macOS and Windows Boot Camp.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-Inch (2019) (MacBookPro16,4)
macOS Catalina 10.15.7
2.4GHz 8‑core (16 Virtual Cores) Intel I9-9980HK Turbo Boost 5.0GHz
64GB 2667MHz of SDRAM memory
2TB SSD storage
AMD Radeon Pro 5600M 8G
Windows 10: Windows 10 Home Single 64-Bit 10.0 Build 19041.
Boot Camp Version: 6.1.8034

AMD Radeon Pro 5600M Windows Boot Camp Info:
Radeon Pro Software Version:
Radeon Pro Settings Version: 2020.0420.1031.18946
Driver Packaging Version:
Provider: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
2D Driver Version:
Direct3D® Version:
OpenGL® Version 26.20.11000.13587
AMD Audio Driver Version:
Vulkan™ Driver Version: 2.0.137
Vulkan™ API Version: 1.2.133
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