eGPU and Mac crypto mining

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Re: eGPU and Mac crypto mining

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SteveW928 wrote: Wed Jul 28, 2021 9:36 pm Oh, I should also note that I resisted re-trying Windows 10 1809 for a long time, as Microsoft isn't updating it any longer, and I was led to believe a number of things weren't going to run on it. But, to my surprise, the mining stuff all runs, Minecraft installs and runs (from the Windows store), etc. so I'm pretty happy just staying here for now. I've disabled updates (using GPEdit) which is what killed my initial setup (a forced Windows update).

I need to find a good utility to move/reinstall Windows 'clones' (like I have on MacOS with SuperDuper!) and then I can experiment a bit with moving my install to that external SSD (I had no luck with that, but haven't tried it with 1809 yet). My understanding is that using that external SSD introduces more challenges, and with all the trouble I was having, I didn't need MORE challenges. this this

I'd like to get onto a newer version of Windows, but I'm not sure if that is possible, at least for now. I'll keep trying (once I get the capability to non-destructively experiment) with each new Windows release, in hopes. (I haven't tried 21H1 yet, for example, but haven't heard an increase in success stories either.)

My experimenting also confirms what I'd long thought, that (at least with my hardware) this is 100% a Microsoft problem. I've been able to run different version of the AMD driver, and my MacOS has been the same all along (Mojave in my case, as I'm not upgrading yet... which *might* help me run with newer Windows). There is something different between Windows 1809 and newer that is hostile to eGPUs like mine. And, from reading thousands of threads over at, it seems post-1903, a lot more eGPUs don't work properly (that did in the past). Whatever Microsoft did, I hope they eventually fix it, but given it has now been YEARS, don't hold your breath!
Thats incredible and I would love to mine. I have new edition of macs, that ones without ventilator.
Ehis mac is the best for mining?
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