eGPU and Mac crypto mining

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Re: eGPU and Mac crypto mining

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I'll make another attempt to boot tomorrow and capture a photo. Currently, it's unresponsive to any input; the system is frozen.

Although I anticipated potential challenges, assuming the eGPU might be the primary hurdle, it appears the booting process is hindered even before reaching that stage. In an effort to explore alternatives, I opted for the BootCamp approach. I invested in a 500 GB Samsung T7 SSD and dedicated a couple of days to the setup, but progress has been limited. My operating system is Mojave, which may be a factor limiting my ability to follow all the instructions outlined in the provided link. Despite exploring various threads and techniques from, none have yielded positive results so far.

Notably, I attempted to address the issue by swapping the pci.sys, resulting in a situation where I can no longer access Windows—it simply freezes. Consequently, I'm contemplating creating a boot thumb drive or restarting the entire process.

This has become quite the intricate project, and while the journey has presented challenges, I'm grateful for the shared resources. Ideally, I wish there were a method to address this while MacOS is operational. Nonetheless, I am optimistic about eventually resolving the BootCamp configuration, which will open up possibilities for gaming as well. I had a functional setup in early 2019 for Revit courses until a Windows update disrupted the system. Despite encountering setbacks, I remain determined to overcome these hurdles. It's interesting to note that the struggles aren't exclusive to Mac users; the forums reveal that Windows laptop users are also grappling with similar issues. It's a perplexing situation, and the complexity introduced by Microsoft updates is indeed frustrating. Recalling my initial success back on 1809, this zumba gold for seniors current endeavor is proving to be more challenging than anticipated. The journey continues, albeit with its fair share of unexpected turns. :lol:
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